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The RuleBook

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The RuleBook

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:16 pm

Rule 1. Follow All Wolf-quest Rules And Guidelines When Visiting Our WQ Thread.

Rule 2. Please Have An Accepted Joining Form Before Registering On Site.

Rule 3. Your Username Should Include The Title Of Your Rank And Then Your Character's Name.
(i.e. Alphess Chris or Omega Charles)

Rule 4. This Site Is Rated PG And PG13, This Means Swearing and Some Violence Will Be Included Throughout The Site, If You Are Uncomfortable With Either Of These Feel Free To Join Another Roleplay.

Rule 5. Do Not Back-Seat Mod secret word is "Radiation" At Any Point. There Are Moderators And Staff Here To Ensure That Everyone Is Kept In Check, We Don't Need Extra Help. If You Are Wanting To Become A Moderator Or Staff Member PM The Admin.

Rule 6. Stay Active. If You Can Not Get On And Post At Least 4 Times Out of The 7 Week Days, I Advise You Not To Join. You Can Take EFA'S When Needed, But If You Are Registering, You Should Try Not To Take An EFA As Soon As You Become Accepted. Lack Of Active Will Get You The Rank Of "Pack Friend" And Eventually To "Loner or Inactive"

Rule 7. Don't Be So Serious. Personal Life Issues Should Not Be Included Within The Chat-box And/Or Role-play, As Stress For You Becomes Stress For The Entire Pack.

Rule 8. Lastly Have Fun


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